Diabetes is a burning health issues that affects the sugar level in the body. An easy way to handle this problem is medications used for diabetes.

These drugs can either be taken separately or with any effective combo whichever is enough to treat diabetes. It is available in two forms like tablets taken orally or injections.

Amaryl is one of the best drug that works good against diabetes. It works by controlling the raising level of sugar in our body. It first takes lead to the pancreas to make it increase the insulin production in response to the in taken meals in order for the body to utilize glucose effectively. Amaryl is available in three different dosages like Amaryl 1mg, Amaryl 2mg, Amaryl 4mg. It is also available at discount price in many generic pharmacies.

Another drug is often prescribed by the physician is Actos. This drug must be taken once in a day. It works by increasing the reaction of your body towards insulin hormone. This makes your insulin effective to blend with the raising level of glucose in our body. Actos is available in two different dosages like Actos 30mg and Actos 15mg. But this is a little expensive compared to Amaryl. Because of its high cost nature most physicians normally prescribes it once a day as a course of treatment.